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The University of Georgia LAbash Planning Committee and mmcite invite you to participate in LAbash 2019’s Design Competition. The Design Competition seeks to give Landscape Architecture students the chance to participate in a real-world project and showcase what they have learned from their respective schools. Not only does the competition provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and skills to professionals, but in addition the winning student will receive $2000 and a feature article in Georgia Landscape Magazine. Second place will receive $1000 and public recognition at LAbash 2019.


Skidaway Island, located on the coast of Georgia, is a part of the greater Barrier Island system that makes the Georgia coast unique. These islands are a large ecoregion that protects the mainland from storm surges and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The Barrier Islands have been a common vacation spot for many wealthy families throughout the years. For example, Jekyll Island, just South of Skidaway Island, provided a summer home to families such as the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. They enjoyed the peace and quiet of the coast, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the big cities in the North. The big Northern cities had also become rather dangerous in the 1930s after the Depression had hit and Prohibition had ended. Criminals who used to sell alcohol during the Prohibition took to kidnapping wealthy families’ children and holding them for ransom. The most famous would be the Lindberg kidnapping that took place just down the road from the home of Robert C. Roebling, great grandson of John A. Roebling.

John A. Roebling was the architect and engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge and many other bridges. His family had carried on the bridge building business by manufacturing steel cables that were used on almost all large bridges that were being built at the time. Shortly after the Lindberg incident, the Roeblings found an intruder coming through the window of their second-floor nursery. Worried about the safety of their children, they gave serious thought about moving away from their New Jersey home.

During a visit to a neighbor’s hunting preserve on Skidaway Island, Robert Roebling found a safe, secluded and accessible place to bring his family. Since the family were avid sailors, the island seemed to be a great place to store their beloved three-masted schooner, Black Douglas. In the spring of 1936, the family officially moved to the island where they lived on the Black Douglas until a home was built. On the Island, Mr. Roebling built a successful cattle farm and a home for his family. His cattle farm was developed with the help of the University of Georgia. The University provided guidance and assistance with the donation of hogs and cattle. In 1968, Mr. Roebling sold his cattle farm to the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, which is now owned by the University of Georgia. The Roebling house has since been abandoned until it was purchased by Jack and Tiffany Considine, local residents of the area and University of Georgia alumni. The Considines are working to restore the house and the surrounding landscape to make a home for their family, which is where you—the students/designers—come in.

The Roeblings moved down to Georgia where they established a successful cattle business and a peaceful life. Like the Roebling family, the Considines are looking to find their roots in this historic home so they too can enjoy life on the beautiful coast of Georgia. We, the LAbash 2019 Planning Committee, challenge you to create a place where the Considines can find their roots.

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How the Competition will be Judged

Once all submissions are turned in, names will be stripped from the projects and each project will be assigned a number. There will be a master list held for reference. Once all submissions are assigned a number, they will be sent to the clients for review. The clients will choose how ever many they like and these will then be displayed to and reviewed by the guest lecturers at LAbash 2019. They will assist the clients in choosing the best overall design and a runner up. Once these designs are chosen, the master list will be referenced to see the corresponding name matching the number. The 1st place winner and 2nd place winner will be announced at the Saturday night dinner of the conference. The UGA LAbash committee will have no part in the judging of the designs. We simply created the idea and materials and are facilitating it. Thank you and good luck!