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Principal at DTJ Design

  • Todd is a landscape architect and land planner with thirty years of experience who combines high design, personal touch and sustainable principles in his portfolio built projects. He’s worked on destination resorts and theme attractions, master planned communities, retail entertainment and dining projects, and public realm parks and urban spaces. Todd has worked across the United States and internationally on large award-winning projects, including the Caribbean, Central America, Brazil, South Korea, China, Europe, the Middle East, and Canada.
  • Todd’s background includes comprehensive planning and design for both public agencies and private sector Clients, to establish the vision, guiding principles and design concepts for their projects, including oversight of documentation and construction administration. He typically begins a project by learning about the site and real estate program then sketching and studying ways to unify both into a seamless design. He leads multidisciplinary teams through the process of planning,design, documentation, and construction observation; including 3 years of full time on-site experience for WDI.

Lecture: "The Entertainment Landscape: from Park and Public Garden to Resort and Theme Attraction"

Lecture Description: What makes a place exciting to anticipate visiting and even better when you get there!? Todd Hill explores the design of entertainment landscapes. Public parks and gardens, destination resorts, themed attractions, and RD&E (retail dining & entertainment) districts offer guests a fun, immersive and memorable experience. Through a series of images of built work and design examples, Mr. Hill will break down the methodology and design process of composing successful entertainment landscapes. Topics include; stewardship, economic impact, user expectations, immersive storytelling,
authenticity, incubation and exploration, synthesis of the real estate program and physical design, blurring the building interface, and delivering the vision.