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CEO of the Landscape Architecture Foundation

Barbara Deutsch, FASLA has served as Executive Director of the Landscape Architecture Foundation since 2009.  She brings ten years of award-winning marketing experience from IBM before becoming a landscape architect. This experience was influential in the development of LAF’s new strategic research initiative called The Landscape Performance Series. Prior to LAF, Barbara served most recently as an Associate Director for BioRegional’s OnePlanet Communities program in Washington, DC to deliver Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, Livable communities.  In addition she served as Senior Director of Casey Trees, where she was principal investigator for the award-winning EPA Grant titled “The Green Build-out Model:  Quantifying the Stormwater Management Benefits of Trees and Green Roofs in Washington, DC.” Barbara earned a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia, a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington, and was awarded a Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Lecture: "21st Century Call to Action for Landscape Architects"

Lecture Description: The CEO of the Landscape Architecture Foundation, Barbara Deutsch, FASLA, will speak about the urgent charge to protect the planet and the vital role to be played by landscape architects as presented in LAF's New Landscape Declaration, a 21st century call to action for landscape architects. It is not good enough to be a good designer; landscape architects need to be active designers, engaging in politics, policy, finance, community service, and more. LAF offers a range of programs, tools, and stories of impact to inspire you. Barbara will share these tools and LAF’s new Action Plan to help you get started. #LAFTakeAction